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Sydney, in south of Australia, is a wonderful city that attracts tourists for many charms. From pristine beaches to charming ports, from lush green parks to bays, from the Opera House to other cultural icon of the city - the city has plenty to satiate the cravings of the best of guests. Having the largest area of Australia, it's ranked among the most multicultural cities in the world. Since the founding in 1788, it has made rapid progress and today, clubbed alongside global cities for "best quality of life in the world".

A visit to Sydney would be a plunge into architectural masterpieces, gorgeous beaches and stunning national parks. Come here to explore a world that is truly fascinating. Come and choose from one of amazing hotels in Sydney to enjoy a memorable trip down under.

Places to visit in Sydney

Bondi Beach

Bondi is one of the best beaches in the world. Located just 15 minutes from downtown and is quite a stretch of white sand between two rocky outcrops. The coastal walk takes you to experience all kinds of beach scenes to delight you immensely.

Sydney Opera House (Opera House)

It consists of several halls and theaters, and is a globally recognized symbol of the city. Besides being the most important tourist attraction, it is also one of the most active centers of performing arts in the world, with 3,000 performances a year.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This is a majestic bridge that needed hundreds of workers to build. From this bridge you can see spectacular views of the city.

Australian Museum

It's was the first museum in Australia, built in the early years of the 18th century. Its main building is an impressive structure with a marble staircase. Its collections include artifacts from prehistory, biology, botany, tradition etc.

Art gallery of New South Wales

It has the largest permanent exhibition of the art world on aborigine. Tourists here can see water-colors of the colonial era.

Royal Botanic Gardens

It's is located on a hillside overlooking the harbor. Home to more than a million species and cover 30 hectares of the heart of the city. It is the oldest scientific institution in Australia.

Hotels in Sydney

Sydney is a wonderful city with loads of attractions for tourists. It receives millions of tourists each year for its diverse attractions at every corner. The city has top-class accommodation for its guests. Hotels in Sydney are available in all hues and types, and tourists can book any of the hotels in Sydney to enjoy a memorable stay here.