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Singapore is fabulous in many ways, and it's considered a compelling blend of arts, architecture, culture and cuisine. From a modest fishing hamlet to now a spanking new city - it has come a long way in true sense, and has gown spectacularly. Presently a bustling cosmopolitan center, it's now known for its quiet gardens, tapering skyscrapers, amicable people and contemporary infrastructure. It's known a city that has a rich past and multi-ethnic culture.

A visit of Singapore would take you through shopping fairs to wildlife charms to bustling nightlife to lip-smacking food. Tourists from will go on an exploration spree to find from a great variety of cuisines to reveling it its pristine beaches to enjoying its sea sports to tasting its signature dishes.

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Places to visit in Singapore


Chinatown is considered the cultural heart of Singapore, which is frequently visited to get glimpse the old times. Tourists here can bask in the glory of many temples, festooned terraces and its commercial activities.

Arab Street

You head to the Arab Street to witness the Muslim center of Singapore, as the street bustles with various items from many nations. From silks to flowers, to hats to hajji caps - all is available here.

Little India

Visit this place to get the pulse of India, which is colorful and full of shops all around. From Indian aromas to music to Hindu god to delicious cuisines - all is available here in ample measure.

Orchard Road

Luxury can't get any better, and this place is a must for upper class citizens visiting Singapore. Go there to be in the midst of shopping malls, bars, lounges, nightclubs and restaurants.


This place blends many attractions to keep visitors engaged for hours - including a theme park on the Chinese mythology, the Jurong Bird Park, the stunning landscape and the Chinese and Japanese Gardens.

Changi Village

Go here to feel the typical village atmosphere, and enjoy being almost deserted on weekdays.

Pulau Ubin

Enjoy hushed beaches, welcoming villages and kampong popular seafood - a wonderful place removed from the multi-ethnic bustle of Singapore.

Hotels in Singapore

Singapore is truly a global city where tourists flock from all parts of the globe. Hotels in Singapore are available in all hues to cater to the needs of discerning guests. From luxury hotels to 5 start hotels, from cheap hotels to budget hotels - every type of hotel is available in Singapore to welcome the guest from every strata of society.