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Surrounded by India and China, Nepal is a land whose identity can't be separated from the great and mighty Himalayas. Rich in eye-catching vacation destinations, this stunning land is where 8 highest peaks are located, out of the total 10 in the world. It's the nation where Mount Everest, the most astounding mountain crest on the planet, is found. Mountaineering and different sorts of escapade tourism and ecotourism are paramount attractions for guests. From the origin site of Gautama Buddha to thousands sanctuaries, from fascinating valleys to world heritage sites - Nepal has it all.

Your visit to Nepal would delight your its natural beauty and also for its immense religious significance to the world. Plan a trip to feel the pulse of this amazing hilly land. Don’t forget to book one of hotels in Nepal to enjoy all the attractions on offer in this wonderful land.

Places to visit in Nepal


It's the capital city of Nepal, and also the largest city, located right in the heart of the country, in a valley. The city is known for several Buddhist temples of the 17th century, noteworthy among them is the Durbar Square. The city has a wonderful royal palace, and its temples carry the unmistakable imprint of the traditional pagoda style.


It's a place at an altitude of 2175 masl, and ranks among the most popular places in Nepal. From here, tourists can gaze at many highest peaks in the world, ranging up t some 8463 masl above the sea level. Visiting here would be like making a direct connect with the nature.


It's a popular destination where peaks can be gazed at, and trekking tour can be enjoyed with great relish. More so, this popular city in Nepal has three marvelous lakes that present a fascinating vista of the snow-white mountains of the Himalayas.


It's the birthplace of Buddha and due to that, it is a globally popular tourist spot. Each year, millions of religious tourists flock here, Buddhists in general, from all parts of the globe to pay their reverence to this enormously significant site. From ancient Stupas to monasteries to big stone pillars - all can be seen here carrying traces of utmost religious importance for pilgrims.


It's a popular spot in Nepal, and it catches the fancy of those climbers who love track routes. It has a series of peaks that invite tourists to marvel of its snow-ridden charm and grandeur.


It's a hub of the traditional Maithili culture, and it has grown into a popular pilgrim center for both Hindus and Buddhists.

Langtang National Park Trek

This park has zones where plants and animals co-exist in a natural environment. Nature lovers can come here to enjoy vast swathe of oak and pine woods, Alpine bushes, slopes, monkeys, Himalayan bears etc.

Hotels in Nepal

Nepal has immense natural charm, and for that, it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. It has top-class accommodation facilities for its guests. Hotels in Nepal are available in all budget and hues to suit its discerning guests of all class.