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Bangkok, the capital city of magical Thailand, presents an impressive spectacle of culture, religion and history. Diverse groups of tourists throng here in big numbers to take delight it its multi-faceted sights, city life and other cultural attractions. The city is full of historical and cultural tourist attractions, together with royal palaces, temples and museums. Tourists also come here to revel in its shopping and dining experiences, as choices are plenty in this category. Dynamic nightlife is the biggest draw of Bangkok that co-exists with its diversity and cultural richness.

A visit to Bangkok would make you take a plunge into the multicultural heart of Asia. The best part of Bangkok is its cheapness, and even an ordinary traveler can afford it easily! Besides budget accommodation, luxury hotels in Bangkok ensure that tourists with discerning tastes find their ideal retreat for a magnificent stay.

Places to visit in Bangkok

Grand palace of Bangkok

It's a cluster of buildings that have served as a royal residence since the eighteenth century, and visited for the extraordinary architecture of the resort and its excessive extension. Visiting Bangkok is incomplete without taking a trip to this palace.

Wat Phra Kaew

The Wat Phra Kaew is the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand, and it's extraordinarily beautiful, huge and ornate. This lavish religious temple hosts the famous Emerald Buddha, the most important religious symbol of Thailand.

Wat Po

Wat Po is the "oldest temple in Bangkok", and popular for its impressive human-sized sculpture and an exterior that is certainly extraordinary in every way. Tourists can't stop marveling at the grandeur of a sculpture of such extraordinary scale here inside this temple.

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is a large green area that allows an environment of extreme natural beauty and serenity to its visitors. Among the thousands of little paths through which we can lose ourselves find a beautiful lawn , great trees, all kinds of birds , squirrels and even lizards considerable though quite harmless and very scary size.


The city of Bangkok has many museums where tourists can spend quality time and get some knowledge. Some popular one include the National Gallery Museum, the National Museum, Suan Pakkad Palace, the Vimanmek Mansion Museum, the Siriraj Medical Museum and the Museum of Siam.

Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok attracts tourists from all parts of the globe for its diversity and religious buildings. All types of hotels are available in Bangkok, from 5 star hotels to budget hotels. Every taste is easily met as Bangkok has hotels of various types. It’s time to find a reliable partner for your online hotel booking Bangkok to turn the stay into truly memorable times.