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London, capital of the UK, is one of the most visited cities in the world for many reasons, including history and popular landmarks. It catches the attention of global tourists for its special and cosmopolitan character. For many, a visit here is to experience the style and grace of British culture. The big city's landscape is dotted with some of the best known historical landmarks. Not many cities can claim to match this diverse and exciting city with in terms of sights and attractions.

A visit to London would be enough to get a complete idea of the old-world charms and politics of the world. Visit this vibrant and dynamic city where shades of history and rich past can be experienced at every nook and corner!

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Places to visit in London

Tower of London

It remains one of the most popular tourist attractions here. Filled with stories of historical drama, the infamous Beefeaters, the Crown Jewels and the Royal Armouries, a visit to the Tower is a must for anyone who comes to the capital.

Tower Bridge Exhibition

This 18th century structure is one of London's most famous landmarks and bridges. Visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition and discover not only the history of the bridge, but also enjoy spectacular views of London from the elevated walkways.

Westminster Abbey

It's is an impressive Gothic church declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, located behind the Houses of Parliament.

Windsor Castle

It's the oldest inhabited castle in the world and largest. It has been the official residence of British royalty for 900 years.

Hampton Court Palace

It was the residence of King Henry VIII. Not only is one of the most spectacular and legendary palaces of London, but also has stunning gardens, a maze of hedges and world famous more than a ghost.

Kensington Palace

This palace was home to the late Princess Diana as well as the birthplace of Queen Victoria. You will find this impressive palace in Kensington Gardens, which surround the royal residence.

London Zoo (ZSL)

It is a great attraction for the whole family. The zoo offers popular attractions Gorilla Kingdom and Clore Rainforest Lookout, allowing you to get closer than ever to the primates of Africa and South America.

The London Bridge

A landmark of the city which lets you experience a slice of history, and also occasional bursts of live-action, special effects and animations.

Hotels in London

London is one of most popular and most visited cities in the world, and in fact, features among the top-3 most visited cities in the world. Hotels in London are available in all ranges to suit the tastes of varied guests. From luxury hotels to 5 star accommodation - London has every kind of hotels tow welcome the guests in truest way possible. Be fast, else the hotels in London won’t have any room for you by the time you plan.