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Charming and tempting, Maldives is a land teeming with pleasant tidal ponds and breathtaking coral islands. Snow-white sands here flicker by the cobalt blue waves of the Indian Ocean to give a new dimension to natural delights. In true sense, Maldives is a pulsating blend of painted scenes and diversity foods. It's also blend of verdant seaside bushes and white sands sprinkled over the quite-turquoise waters where the bright corals lay submerged in the amphibian profundities. This perfect jewelry of islands, which beautifies the strong Indian Ocean has what it takes to give different archipelagos a wonderful feeling.

Maldives is nothing less than a paradise for honeymooners, a dream for families and a Mecca for the individuals who love water sports. In true sense, visit here to enjoy the best the nature has to offer!

Come to this fascinating land and book one of amazing hotels in Maldives for a life-time trip.

Places to visit in Maldives

The Grand Friday Mosque or Masjid-al-Sultan

You can't miss this fine place, a pure delight. This 17th century building has a splendid edifice with a capacity for around 5,000 persons.

The Friday Mosque

Visit this mosque to experience exquisite wooden carvings, and to top it all, it's a place where Islamic art reveals it preeminence. Not to miss is the drum-shaped minaret.

The President's Palace

This glorious building has restricted entry; however its marvelous exterior can be gazed at from afar.

Male's National Museum

Visit here to spot a compelling range of artifacts, including royal relics, conventional costumes, and Buddhist relics etc.

Republic Square

Go here too gaze at significant government buildings.

Fua Mulaku

Visit Fua Mulahu, as this largest island in Maldives is remarkably fertile, and utterly charming too.


Located in South Nilandhoo Atoll, this island is religious in nature for its mysterious mounds - probably ruins of Buddhist temples.

Mirihi Islands

Revel in an exclusive house reef and an unspoiled beach. You will get a resort also, and this place is among the most visited.

Nalaguraidhoo Beach

Experience lucid azure waters, sparkling white sand and pristine surroundings, and savor being at the lap of the nature.

Hotels in Maldives

Maldives is a nature's paradise, and a visit here would please you no ends. It attracts nature lovers in big numbers from all across the globe, and in fact, tourists keep flocking here right through the year. Hotels in Maldives would welcome you in its comforts and convenience. Book any of hotels in Maldives to enjoy the plentiful of the sea, beaches and nature.