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Bangalore, capital of Karnataka state, is in the southern part of the country, and considered the "Garden city of India." A home of green landscape and wholesome weather, the city has gained so much prominence in the domain of technology to be now considered the "IT hub of India", or also 'the Silicon Valley of India'. A pleasant city, Bangalore is a symbol of the growing, aspiring and dominant India.

Your visit to Bangalore would be to an experience of feeling nature with modern aspirations. After all, not many cities in India would have lush green landscape of that stature amid growing sings and buildings of IT & software revolution. In overall, a fine visit awaits you here in southern part of India!

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Places to visit in Bangalore

Bull Temple

Bull Temple or Nandi Temple is a sculptural masterwork, which is dedicated to the bull or vehicle of Lord Shiva.

Someshwara Temple

This temple exhibits the brilliance of the Chola Empire, as its architecture is truly eye-catching. It also ranks among the town's oldest and biggest temples.

St. Mary's Church

This 18th century church catches the attention for its pleasing decorated interiors and equally striking interiors.

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

This 17th century garden is rich in its variety of flora, and is located over a huge 96 hectares of land. This garden was laid out by Hyder Ali to compete the majesty of the then Mughal gardens, and the target was duly met.

Bangalore Palace

A perfect replica to the Windsor Castle, this palace is located a well over 430 acres of land and comprises the architecture style of the Scottish Gothic.

Vidhana Soudha

This building now houses both the houses of the state legislature, and its Neo-Dravidian of architecture has no parallel.

Tipu Sultan's Palace

This palace is among the prime attraction of Bangalore for his historical significance and the inherent artwork.

Cubbon Park

Your trip to Bangalore is not complete unless you visit this popular park.

Hotels in Bangalore

Bangalore is a world-class city in true sense and being an IT-hub adds a unique charm to it. The city is visited every day by tourists and business executives from all parts of the globe. All types of hotels are available in Bangalore to cater to the budget needs of guests. From 5-star hotels to luxury hotels to budget hotels to cheap hotels - Bangalore has these all to serve tourists perfectly. Hotels in Bangalore would treat you in the best way possible for a wonderful trip.