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Honored recently as the "world's best island", Bali is a fascinating land encompassed by the Java Sea on the north and Indian Ocean on the south. It's ranked among the finest places on the planet to spend a quality time with family and friends in the midst of nature's bounty. A delightful island, it catches the fancy of tourists for its wide-ranging landscape of hills and mountains, rocky coastlines and sandy beaches. In fact, it considered a place with unique culture and spirituality, in addition to nature's blessing - which makes it a top-class destination.

A visit to Bali would take you to lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides to let you enjoy a scenic backdrop. From lie around on the beach to relishing world-class surfing, from feeling its unique culture to grasping its historical and archaeological attractions - Bali has all to make you amazed. Come here to in a land that is now assumed as "the Island of the Gods".

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Places to visit in Bali


Encircled by lush rice terraces, it's a hub to the island's thriving arts view, and it's also considered an ideal place for rest and relaxation. Visit here to enjoy many things, including spa resorts, local handicrafts, diversity of local dishes etc.


A village near is can be found a vast stretch of eye-catching rice terraces on the slopes near Mt Batukaru.

Tanah Lot

Located atop a tiny rock in the sea, it's a Hindu temple around the Balinese coast, which has many legends, and visited by a vast number of tourists each year.

The Water Palace of Tirtagangga

Stretching beyond 1.2 hectares, tourists visit here to feel the blend of Balinese and Chinese architectural styles, and to also relish natural springs, sculptures, fountains etc.

Mount Agung

It's an active volcano, and rated as the highest and most revered mountain of Bali. It has religious as well as natural significance for tourists.

Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Come here to find over 300 Balinese long-tailed macaques that co-exist in the company of Hindu temples, relaxing ponds and of merry-making monkeys.


Tourists visit here to enjoy cliff-top temple and beachside caves, and trust me, they always have a gala time over here.

Hotels in Bali

Bali is a fascinating island where tourists thing all though the year. Each year, guests come here from all parts of the globe to feel its natural essence amid great range of delights. Hotels in Bali are available in all ranges to cater to guests in the right manner. No matter what your budget is, hotels in Bali would come good on your expectations. Choose from the best available hotels in Bali Indonesia to have a cherished holiday!