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Protecting your privacy

At Looking A Room, we're totally focused, committed and always strive to protect whatever personal and sensitive information / data user/users carry on site, in direct or indirect way. In essence, we are committed to the protection of the private/personal/sensitive data or information of each and every user of this website. Let us assure you all that we would prefer not to gather any private, individual or sensitive data about you. We will protect private or sensitive data of every nature, including, but not limited to political affiliations, sexual inclination, religious convictions, racial or ethnic root or other similar sounding data.


Users or visitors to this site must know our policy in regard to cookies, which are often used by sites. Generally, and in our case also, cookies send specific information to the browser of the user, and the same browser returns back a set of info to the site after a while.

Like other sites, we can utilize this cookies-driven information for purposes as varied as authentication or identification of a user session to know about the previous hotel searches of the same user. In essence, cookies would help us analyze user behavior or user preference or similar activities, which can be tracked via storing of text data. However, users must note that this type of function is never meant to track or grab info to identity someone personally.

Cookies are used by us to record any visit to this particular website to track those visited pages or followed links. This information will then be used by us to add more relevance to the site and advertising herein to suit the visitors more.

As, and when we wish, this info can also be shared with 3rd party like Google etc for similar purposes. After all, 3rd parties will have their own cookies to serve users according to their search interest or preferences.

Users should know that most of the browsers accept cookies in automatic way, and most browsers also have settings to refuse cookies. However, any de-activation of cookies may be disadvantageous to users in regard to not fully leveraging on the abilities of the website. Such a de-activation may also mean not receiving the same information that could be beneficial to the user.

We collect specific info on cookies to let you get the most and best out of users' experience on Looking a Room site, or any other site powered by us. It means, cookies are assigned when someone opts for specific preferences, and the same cookies get stored on the browser to fetch an optimum user experience on this site. This info, however, will never include anyone's name, address, e-mail ID or telephone number or whatever falls under the category of personally identifiable information.

We're basically into the domain of being a search engine for hotels from across the globe. The nature of our business implies us to bring on content on regular basis whilst being engaged with reliable 3rd party companies, who in turn, are bound to give dynamic content to our users. Any of these 3rd party partners can utilize cookies to track anything where a click turns into a sale.

Other websites

Subject to this Privacy Policy, we won't reveal any data to organizations that are not associated with our business without your assent in written, unless overall needed by law, or unless such divulgence is, as we would like to think, sensibly important to secure its rights or property, or to evade damage to any individual. As and when any user navigates away from this site, to a 3rd party site or a partner's site, in that case, our Privacy Policy will no longer be applicable, and you such visits would be under different policies ( as per the site navigated to)