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Agra is truly a world class tourist destination- thanks to the Taj Mahal, and it attracts tourists from all parts of the world. The city has top-class accommodation facilities to meet varied tastes and preferences of its guests. Hotels in Agra are available in all variants and varieties - from budget hotel to 5-star hotel- to welcome the guests in a fine way. It’s time to enjoy the charms and get pricing benefits with online hotel booking in Agra.

The home to the world-renowned Taj Mahal - one of seven ancient wonders of the world - Agra has historically been among India's foremost tourist destinations for its historical monuments and religious places. Situated in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, close to Delhi, this architecturally-rich city on the banks of Yamuna River is a jewel in the crown of India.

Being the erstwhile seat of the Mughal Empire, Agra has blessed with some top-class architectural structures to invite millions of tourists each year from all parts of the globe. From the hands of Lodi dynasty (1501) to Mughal Empire (1526), Agra has witnessed a tumultuous yet memorable past.

Visit Agra to witness the architectural excellence of the bygone era that waits to tell you many glorious stories. Before heading to this wonderful city, make sure to get the best of deals by online hotel booking in Agra.

Places to visit in Agra

Taj Mahal

One of most popular structures in the world, and among seven ancient wonders of the world, this World Heritage Site is a mausoleum, built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Completed in 1653, this resting place of Mumtaz Mahal (emperor's wife) is architecturally unrivalled.

Agra Fort

Fondly called as the Red Fort, this World Heritage Site was commissioned Akbar (Mughal ruler) in 1565. Later turned into palace, this imposing structure is a true testimony of the Mughal architecture.

Fatehpur Sikri

Once the capital of the Mughal dynasty, some 35 km off Agra, this World Heritage Site is known for its buildings of historical importance.

Tomb of Akbar the Great

Some 13 km off the Agra Fort, this last resting place of Mughal Emperor Akbar is set amid a vast garden and built of red-ochre sandstone.

Swami Bagh Samadhi

Located on the outskirts of the city, this monument is popular for having the ashes of Swami Maharaj- the founder of the Radhaswami Faith.

Mankameshwar Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it's an ancient temple right in the heart of the city.

Guru ka Tal

Once a rainwater reservoir during Mughal period, from 1970s onwards, it has become a holy place for Sikhs due to building up of a gurudwara.

Jama Masjid

A big mosque dedicated to Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan's daughter, this mosque was built in 1648 and known for its minarets-less atypical dome.

Chini Ka Rauza

Dedicated to the Prime Minister of Mugahl Emperor Shah Jahan, it's popular for its blue-glaze-tiled dome of Persian style.

Ram Bagh

Built in 1528 and located on the bank of Yamuna River, it's considered the oldest existing Mughal garden in India.

Mariam's Tomb

The tomb of the wife of great Mughal Emperor Akbar